Key2Act is the building intelligence, field service and construction management technology leader.

Key2Act Culture

Each employee has maximum autonomy with accountability. They maintain a healthy work-life balance, with the need to meet goals, only after they have been mutually agreed upon.

Our company discourse is honest, straightforward, civil and requires everyone to take their personal dislikes and disagreements directly to the individual.

We believe in diversity. Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because we believe that diversity produces better team decisions. We don’t discriminate based on age, but we do demand that everyone – regardless of age – thinks young.

We don’t have bosses. We have leaders (the front office) and contributors (the players on the field). Leaders make sure we have the best people on the field and they mentor and teach. Contributors get the actual work done and determine each win or loss. Leaders are responsible for the overall record of the team.

While we take our mission and clients very seriously, we don’t allow ourselves or our fellow team members to take themselves seriously.

Internal meritocracy is not based on titles, but on the consistency of task completion and financial bottom line contribution. Regardless, teamwork toward the much larger goal – regardless of internal meritocracy – is the most important and recognized individual trait.

We are a winning team of the best professionals in the industry. We win in a safe and fun environment.