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The world's first Event-Driven Service Management System for commercial mechanical systems and appliances

• Proactive 360-degree service management system driven by building events

• Integrated building intelligence, dispatching, field workforce management and ERP

• Electronic customer communication without the need for phone calls

• The industry's platform for smart building integrations and applications

• 100 percent cloud hosted solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Service Management Benefits

• More pull-through work through continuous remote system inspection, automatic performance reporting and issue prioritization

• Higher contract retention through differentiation

• Dispatchers are automatically alerted of system events, identifying the customer, building, equipment and components affected

• Right tech, right truck, right equipment at the right time

• Zero to one truck roll vs. industry standard of two to many truck rolls

• Improved dispatcher and technician productivity, with sales teams now focused on growing the number of buildings under contract, without the need to grow your operations team


Building Benefits

• New equipment, systems and appliances can easily be added without the worry of increasing service phone calls

• Fast, just-in-time service management

• Maximizing building management productivity

• Visibility from the initial building event through the entire service call with automated communications


How ESMS℠ Works

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