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The Power of Data

Connect gathers and analyzes equipment data to help you make better decisions about the buildings you manage. Connect gives you eyes into your facilities that you’ve never had before.



How Connect Works

A small black box - we call it a MiniAgent - continuously collects data from each piece of equipment in a building. That data is analyzed and turned into reports that help you quickly identify issues, assess their urgency, predict future fixes and identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency.


How Connect Benefits You

·       Differentiate your business from the competition

·       Get more out of your technicians

·       Reduce operating costs

·       Grow your service business

·       Increase contract renewal rates

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Focused Reporting

Gathering data is easy. Turning it into useful information is the hard part. While other analytics tools drown you in raw data, Connect focuses on organizing it to give you the information you need to maintain optimal building operations. That information is presented in the form of easy-to-understand building health reports, showing things like average temperatures, equipment runtimes, overall building performance scores and more.

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Perpetual Commissioning

Mechanical equipment runs at peak performance when it’s first commissioned, but over time performance begins to decline, resulting in higher energy costs and more costly repairs. Because Connect is always gathering and analyzing equipment data, you’re able to continue that commissioning process on a perpetual basis.

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Simple, Affordable Pricing

Every other analytics tool costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, with pricing based on a capacity model that no one understands. Connect’s pricing structure is simple and there is no limit to the number of devices and objects you bring into Connect per building.


It’s incredibly inexpensive, and it’s a very powerful tool for the cost.
— Matt Fieber, Energy Services Leader, Haynes Mechanical Systems
It doesn’t take six months to see a benefit. It takes a day.
— Bradd Busick, CIO, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions
We are looking at an average of around 50 to 60 truck rolls avoided per month.
— Harmandeep Singh, Chief Digital Officer, Brady Family of Companies