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Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Like other fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) systems, Connect collects data from automation systems and uses it to detect abnormal activity in a building to identify potential issues or symptoms. But Connect is different from your average FDD system. Connect doesn’t just send you alerts, it allows you to take immediate action to address the problem.

What kind of action? Out of the box, Connect allows you to instantly create work orders or set appointments to get the repair process started. Other things that make us different from the competition:

·       Low, simple pricing

·       Fully cloud-based

·       Fast implementation

·       Easy-to-understand dashboards and reports



Building Intelligence Software

What makes a building intelligent? At their most basic, intelligent buildings should be able to link building automation systems with the ability to detect and report faults prior to building occupants being affected. But you’d be surprised by the limited functionality offered by other building analytics solutions.

Connect works with smart buildings to enable mechanical service providers to offer their customers the following services:

·       Predictive maintenance

·       Retrocommissioning

·       Energy optimization

·       Proactive service

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Building Analytics

Building Analytics

Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are complex technologies that are making a profound impact on the way buildings are managed and serviced. How can mechanical service providers best leverage these concepts and take full advantage of their benefits? The answer: Connect from Key2Act.

Connect is a building analytics solution that combines big data with the IoT to give you eyes into facilities that you’ve never had before. Connect gathers and analyzes building performance data to deliver actionable information that helps you make better decisions about the buildings you manage.

Connect can help you:

·      Differentiate your business from the competition

·      Document the value you’re providing to your customers

·      Cut costs by reducing truck rolls

·      Increase customer retention rates

·      Improve technician productivity



Monitoring Based Commissioning

Mechanical equipment runs at peak performance when it’s first commissioned, but over time performance begins to decline, resulting in higher energy costs and more costly repairs. Connect continuously gathers and analyzes equipment data, which means building equipment can be monitored on a real-time basis. That allows continuous commissioning of the buildings and the assets you manage. As equipment health begins to deteriorate, the insights delivered by Connect allow you to take immediate action to bring performance back up to peak.



Building Automation Systems

Connect integrates with building automation systems to leverage the sensors that control the buildings you manage, to help you understand if those buildings are running optimally. The insights delivered give you the ability to pre-empt poor space conditions that building occupants could experience. Easy-to-understand dashboards and other visuals help you quickly identify problems or about-to-be-problems so that you can fix them. That creates a better experience for tenants and a better overall experience for the building owners you serve.

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Energy Services

When businesses are looking to cut costs, energy is often a prime target. Connect can help mechanical service providers and energy service companies (ESCO) achieve energy savings for their customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher contract retention. Effective energy management programs do three things: thoroughly assess a building’s energy use and health; identify opportunities for energy savings; and monitor compliance moving forward. Connect pinpoints potential energy conservation measures and augments the measurement and verification process, offering insight into how each piece of equipment is contributing to a building’s energy usage.  



Connect is orders of magnitude lower in cost and time to get it deployed than some of those other solutions out there.
— Alex Radovan, Director of Service Technologies, Brandt Companies
It doesn’t take six months to see a benefit. It takes a day.
— Bradd Busick, CIO, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions