Connect is a building intelligence system. Its primary function is to proactively find trends in a building’s total mechanical infrastructure – from chillers to VAVs – and fix problems before they happen and to perpetually ensure building energy efficiency. 

It differs from any building intelligence system that has been offered in the past.

Connect is 100 percent cloud-based. Connect is offered on a low-cost monthly SaaS model. Connect is easy to install, works with all industry building automation systems (BAS) and only requires a $99 Mini Agent per building. Connect doesn’t require an in-house IT staff addition.

While Connect is capable of the most complex reporting, as one would expect with big data, it comes right out of the box with actionable reporting/outcomes.

For heavy mechanical service providers, Connect and our other products put your customer’s buildings and assets at the center of a differentiated and exceptional customer service experience. One where mean time to repair is squeezed. Where truck rolls are reduced from today’s many, to one or zero. And while laggards will have the temerity to force the customer to continue to dial the phone to get their attention, Connect allows you to conduct your business with your clients in an automated and consistent way. 

It all adds up to greater retention, more pull-through service work and the opportunity to use your sales team to grow your business, instead of paying them to replace lost contracts.