• Integrating systems to work as one solution

    Posted 04/17/2017

    By Martin Olsen, director, eOne Solutions

    This guest blog post is a part of our ISV series. The series introduction can be found here.

    What data do you need to do your job? Think about this for just a moment. Each day, once you have had your coffee, and settle down to do your job – what is it that you need to know? Where does the information come from?

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  • How wearable technology is helping bridge the skilled trades gap

    Posted 04/04/2017

    By C. Aaron Salow, CEO, XOEye Technologies

    This guest blog post is a part of our ISV series. The series introduction can be found here.

    If I were to ask you what makes your field service company successful, you’d likely say something along the lines of: “We have the best technicians. They do great work and our customers trust their expertise.” That’s your competitive advantage. It’s what helps you win new business, retain customers and build long-term relationships. But what happens when those experienced, trusted technicians leave your company?

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  • How many ISVs does it take to build a GREAT business solution?

    Posted 03/21/2017

    By Gina Renner, executive vice president, product marketing

    The best way I can think of to define an ISV is simply this: an ISV is an independent software vendor who builds a solution that fills the “white space” or functional gaps in your current business solution.

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  • What the Dow tells us about technology (indirectly)

    Posted 03/07/2017

    By Mike Ronk, senior accountant

    Much has been made of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA or the “Dow”) reaching 20,000. A recent cover on Barron’s reads: “Next Stop, Dow 30,000.” Are these numbers significant? 20,000? 30,000?

    The answer? Yes and no.

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  • Navigating your way through Dynamics GP

    Posted 02/21/2017

    This is a guest blog post by Bob McAdam, general manager, Dynamic Communities

    We’ve seen several major releases of Dynamics GP the past few years, and while the cadence will finally slow down to a one-release-per-year schedule (hopefully), many companies are now planning upgrades to leverage a more current version. While new features are always welcome, much of the standard navigation within my favorite ERP application remains wonderfully consistent. That having been stated, here are some quick navigation tips I utilize at Dynamic Communities. If you’re current with Dynamics GP or maybe not-so-current, this baker’s dozen list is for you – go!

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  • Change management in ERP projects

    Posted 01/10/2017

    Installing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for a business takes a team of experts, a lot of planning and precise execution of the plan. ERP deployment success also requires firm leadership and hands-on involvement from company executives.

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  • Three simple Microsoft Dynamics GP tips for the everyday user

    Posted 11/01/2016

    Using the right Microsoft Dynamics GP tips can save you hours per week. These are simple tips that even a beginner can use.

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  • Training resources for IT professionals

    Posted 10/18/2016

    Today, IT professionals are facing more challenges than ever. Technology advances rapidly and corporate leadership is leaning on IT staffs to not only implement this technology, but also to ensure that they attain the ongoing knowledge to both successfully administer applications and manage infrastructure. There are a variety of training resources out there. Here are some of my favorites.

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  • The future of your servers - containers

    Posted 10/06/2016

    It is no secret around the office that I absolutely love Linux. Until recently, I was a small fish in a very large pond in this regard, as historically Microsoft has done everything in their power to thwart Linux – that is, until Microsoft appointed Satya Nadella as CEO in 2014. Shortly after taking his post, Satya became the first Microsoft executive to exclaim that “Microsoft Loves Linux."

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  • Field service technology now and in the future

    Posted 09/20/2016

    Technology has transformed the way that the world works – how we communicate, how we reach our work goals and how we engage with the world around us. Staying up to date on technological advances is imperative to business success. Just like a hotel guest noticing outdated furniture and tube TVs, a customer notices when a field service company is using outdated means to communicate, process payments or schedule technicians.

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